This is the August

Edie is a YouTube star who has just gone viral. Bea is her girlfriend, and also her professor. She wants Edie to stop vlogging about her sex life and focus on more “important” work. But everything changes when Edie meets Sam - a multimedia artist who defies definition.

Directed by Megan Piercey Monafu; Written by Hillary Rexe; Performed by Lauren Beatty, Kimberley Huffman, and Heath V. Salazar; Set Design by Allie Marshall; Original Artwork by Andrew Classen; Sound Design by Dave Clark; Stage Managed by Maricris Rivera; Produced by Curtis te Brinke, Rashida Shaw, Hillary Rexe, and Dana Herlihey. Graphic Design by Kilby Smith-McGregor. Photography by Chelsea Hirons. Presented by SummerWorks Performance Festival in The Theatre Centre Incubator Space.